London oh Yeah, 1966 I was passing through on my trip to Paris and I meet this guys John Dunbar and Miles, at Gallery Indica just a week after Lennon and Yoko meet. I was so damn proud so I could not wait for Brian Epstein and John Lennon more than an hour. An appointment was made and I left with a taxi to the airport. I call from Paris and Brian and John had spend an hour waiting for me in the gallery. It was december 1966.
Anyhow I got a contract with ORTF in Paris and I could start my first work on Monument.
I meet Charlie and Oona  in London  at "The Strand", and he did pay me for my original "dummy" book, the biography about him. He renamed the book to " My life in pictures", and published the book himself. Charlie even pay for my flight to London and asked me to stay in London for a whole damn week, eating lobster and drinking champagne for 6 days. Every day I got an envelope to my hotel room with 200 pound as an extra bonus or like some kind of pocket money during the week.
He also signed a big silkscreen painting and the first original portfolio.
See above !

After my book about Greta Garbo, the Sunday Times in London published 12 pages from my book 1973. And I started up the book about Chaplin.

Charlie authorized my graphic portfolio about him and this art portfolio is  60 x 60 cm. 30 different silkscreen prints and a canvas in each portfolio.

Andy Warhol was asked by Denise Renee when I left for Paris, if I would accept Warhol to sign my artwork and "stand back" as an artist, and just be the producer of the portfolio.
I told Denise that I could think about it for a week.
She went to NY and meet Andy Warhol and Andy said he would like to be the Artist for the Chaplin portfolio and sign it. 
But I said NO to Denise after she phoned me to Stockholm from NY a week later.
I  still have the documentation about it.

And Pontus Hulten was the person who personally introduce me for Denise Renee in Paris that time.
I still have a hell of lot of correspondence left between the Chaplins and meself - 2001.

It's a long but funny story.......

Ture Sjolander
First time I met Pontus Hulten
was at the residence of the then good friend of mine, the Swedish composer Bo Nilsson Karlavägen in Stockholm, early 60's. Bo Nilsson was next doors neighbour to another friend of mine, the envoy Joen Lagerberg, who often introduced me to important people world wide in writings.
Between this point in time and 1973 in Paris I met Pontus Hulten at numerous occasions, and the very first time during the exhibition "Rörelse i Konsten" as he asked me to take some pictures of the exhibition, and also had contact with him while he was the director in Bonn round 1992.
However while we met in Paris he was the director for the Pompidou Center and I was staying at hotel Stockholm in the Swedish House of Commerce. A place where I also met Orson Wells who was a frekvent guest there.
The conversation between me and Pontus Hulten I will publish on another page 2008.
                    -Ture Sjolander
Ture Sjolander invited by Charles Chaplin to London October 1973.